We provide world-class mobile application development services, targeting mainly Android and iOS platforms. We have iterative approach to building mobile applications to meet our clients’ goals the best possible way.

Our services capture a rather broad field of software development for mobile devices and their integration with business environment. We develop mobile applications for all major mobile platforms using cross-platform tools Xamarin and Flutter, we develop also using native iOS and Android tools.

We can integrate mobile apps with any back-end environment (including SAP with ABAP/4), developing backend on our own (we have experience using GO and .NET on Digital Ocean servers, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure platform) or using customer servers/environment.

We can automate development cycle both for mobile and backend applications.

We are also providing consulting services to assess your solutions and helping create roadmap to improve the quality and implement automation for development process to decrease development time and decrease time to market for new features.

If you want us to estimate development efforts for any kind of mobile app, feel free to contact us using Contact Form or e-mail, we are open for any discussions.

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