NS Wallet & KitKat, recovery guide

Many users of NS Wallet noticed that they have problems with the app after update to Android 4.4.2.
Unfortunately, Google made a bad joke with us… It is forbidden to write anything to SD card for all the applications after KitKat update (if you need detailed technical explanation, you can find it here: article on AndroidPolice.com). As our app can store both database and backup files on SD card, you can run into the situation when NS Wallet is not working anymore (or backups are not working anymore). We are working hard on the fix and it will be forbidden (unfortunately, let’s say “thanks” to Google) to use SD card starting from the next version of the app.

Meanwhile, if you faced any problem with the app, use the following guide to recover your data:

1. Don’t panic. Even if the app is not working, your data is safe.
2. First of all, secure your current backup files and the database. Default backup folder is called “nswBackup”, check it both on internal storage and SD card and copy all its content (zip files) to your PC or any cloud service and also into the folder “nswBackup” on your internal storage (create this folder, it it doesn’t exist). Check also the folder “nswallet”, if it is on your SD card, copy it to the save place and also into your internal storage.
3. After step 2, uninstall NS Wallet.
4. Install NS Wallet again and start it. Smart recovery functionality should automatically find new database files. If it didn’t find it automatically, select manually the folder where you stored the backups in internal storage on step 2 and recover your database from there.
5. Enjoy