NS Wallet news

144This post is a quick recap of what is upcoming for our best selling product NS Wallet

Android version of NS Wallet is becoming more and more popular and we decided that it is good time now to spread the app to other platforms.

First of all, we are working hard to release soon new version of NS Wallet for PC/Mac, first ALPHA public version of the app will be available next days. It will still miss some key features like synchronization, custom icons and some other features which are still in development but you can check the look and feel and get first experience using it. Check this website to get the app as soon as it is available: www.nswallet.com

Good news for users of iPads and iPhones: we eliminated some obstacles preventing us from developing NS Wallet for iOS and now finally the development is started, we plan to publish first version of the app on AppStore in November/December 2013.

And finally the last thing for today: we are actively developing NS Wallet for new platform: Tizen! Our app should be available in the Tizen Store practically from its opening!

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